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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

No Blog Post

Hi Everyone.   If you arrived here looking for my Blue Knight Rubber Stamps post for this week, it is going to be delayed.   My computer decided to die on me.😢. I really think it chose a very inconvenient time to do it, but the crazy computer just did not care.  I suppose I will get another one and hope it gives me a few more years than this one.  I will be back in a week or two with the Blue Knight post.


  1. Oh Shirley! I am very sorry to hear this! It is always a pain when something you rely on goes kaput. Hope you are well otherwise!

  2. OH NOOOOOO!!!!!! Well, maybe this will be your best Christmas Present ever!!!! Sure hope so!! SMILE, things are going to get better!!

  3. So sorry about the computer woes. We sure miss those conveniences when they die on us.

  4. OH! crikey! My son made me backup my files this week, as he said my 'puter was getting on and it's going to die soon! Hope he didn't mean soooon!
    Hope your up and running soon.
    Faith x

  5. Sorry to hear that your Computer has decided to die on you, I hope you get a new one sorted soon - perhaps the January sales might help!
    Pauline - Crafting with Cotnob

  6. Oh dear not a good time just before Christmas unless Santa reads your blog? Hope you are back soon
    carol x