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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Speedy TV Inspirational Challenge - Surf City - Here we come

I am really liking the challenge over at Speedy TV Inspiration challenge.    We are taking a inspirational trip to "Surf City" for the month of February.  I think there might be so much fun we just might have to add another week for this.   Now some of you may have heard of Surf City.  Long ago, in the olden days,  there were popular songs about this hot spot.  The groups "Jan and Dean" and "The Beach Boys" had some really cool surfing songs.   Huntington Beach CA is the town known as Surf City.   This town is also known for "Woodies", which is a now "classic" car with wood paneling on the sides, surfing and surfboards.    Oh, how I wish I had been older in that era and in Surf City with "Jan and Dean".  

Here is a real cool video for you to watch:

Here are the inspiration pictures:

Does this just not look like a great place to be?   If you think so,  come on over to Speedy TV Inspirational challenge and join in our fun.


  1. WOWEE!! You sure put a magical spin on the Surf City music from the 'olden' days with those wonderful colors - loved listening to those great songs from Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys - they would be right at home with this wonderfully colored card! looks like the most brilliant sunset - You rocked this one, Shirt!!

  2. Yes, Thanks for sharing that great link...Had my foot tapping at the computer! Great job on this card...really like the look of it...

  3. This is beautiful Shirley ! The colours are awesome ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  4. So sorry it has taken me forever to come visit this week. Saw this on SCS and the blog and totally fell in love with it. You so captured the beauty of a peaceful beach sunset on this gorgeous card Shirley! WOW!!! You were totally inspired! Hugz!

  5. Love the beautiful colors and I can totally see the inspiration in your pics. Love it.