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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MFP Stamp Shop Blog Hop - Pirates 2

Welcome to the MFP Stamp Shop
March Blog Hop

 We're a little late this month due to delivery of our new stamps. 
But we made it before the end of the month so let's get started!!!!
This month's new Stamp Set Releases are:

Featured March 31

Featured April 01

Featured April 02
Pirates 2

Featured April 03
Mushroom Selections

Please Hop along with us!! You have a chance to win one of these new stamp sets! Just comment on the following blogs ( don't forget this one ) each day for more chances to win! ( You do NOT need to comment on on all the blogs each day! The names are drawn randomly.) The winner will be announced on April 04, 2015 right here on the MFP Stamp Shop Blog. You can go back and comment if you missed a day. ( HINT: The more you comment the more chances you have to win. And comments on the MFP blog count twice. ) The deadline for commenting is Friday April 03, 2015 at 10:00 PM EST.

Let's get started !!
Here is my card using the Pirates 2 stamp set 

I also used the MFP Stamps Pirate Accessories on my card.  There is a map under my bearded pirate, but it came out dark and I am not sure it shows up.  I believe in recycling so I used brown paper from a package I recieved in the mail.   I used Yorkie dog hair for the pirates beard.

Here's the Design Team
Enjoy the Hop. Come on back tomorrow for more creative fun!!


  1. Your bearded pirate is very creative! Love the repurposed brown bag made into a map

  2. I "dig" your treasure map as your background! Very fun card.

  3. Another cool card Shirley ! Love the background ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  4. Shirley- This is so nice and is a wonderful card!

  5. Fabulous Shirley. I love the map background and the bird in the corner! hugs :)

  6. Love it Shirley!!! Very creative.

  7. Love it Shirley!!! Very creative.

  8. Love how your map and puppy beard turned out. Needed depends....

  9. Very cute card - and I guess that sort of makes Colby Jane and Isabella stars!!

  10. Love the BG made from brown packaging - looks like a real pirate's map that has been through a lot of battles!! Your pirate looks mighty fearsome with such a furry beard (thanks to Colby Jane and Isabella) and the sword and parrot off to the side of the pirate are great additions - Hugs!

  11. ARGH, this is a fabulous card Matey, love your design!

  12. The beard is too funny Shirley! You did a great job with this card. TFS

  13. Your beard is brilliant!!! And the darkness of the map makes it look like an old pirate map. Very authentic!

  14. Great card. What a great reminder to recycle! Love the bird and the beard!

  15. This is a neat image...perfect card for a young boy. My grandson would have loved this card when he was young. I bought him a pirate ship to play with...I think it was a Fisher price or something like that. He really got excited when he saw it on Christmas Day.

  16. Love the blue and brown. More hair of the dog. What a lark. Cute parrot. Hugz

  17. Love the parrot for your pirate! Super cute design!

  18. Haha, love this!! The parrot is too cute!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts