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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Watch Out For Those Chickens

 The CCEE Stampers challenge this week is "Watch out for those Chickens". This is the first time I have used this stamp and have had it for many years. What was I thinking? :)

I love the title of this challenge. When my daughter was about 4 yrs ago, she was looking out the window at me as I was learning to ride a motorcycle. Her grandparents told me what she said-"Watch out for those chickens". It was so funny because there were no chickens around. There must have been a very imaginative story going through her little mind.

Thanks, for coming by and taking a look at my chicken card.


  1. Your card is gorgeous and your chicken stamp is awesome. Next time you get in the car with Tammy (and she's driving) tell her to watch out for those chickens!!

  2. Such a beautiful card Shirley ! Love the background paper and the sentiment too ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. Loved your story of Tammy, Shirt, and your card reminds me of the song that goes along with it! Now I will be singing it all day!! Love it!

  4. Pretty die cuts to go with this chicken! I like your sponged clouds and great sentiment!

  5. I am still loving this fun card Shirley. My Mom would so love this. The dogs ate all our chickens and broke her heart - she had a rooster like this one and he was a total pet. She has chickens all over her kitchen (images only LOL). Great card. Hugz